Pockets in skirt or sirwal:

You can choose to add pockets to your skirt or sirwal, the pockets will be added into the seam on the sides and are a deep pocket suitable to place your phone or keys in, in sha Allah.


Drawstring in skirt or sirwal

All our skirt and sirwals have elastic band in the waist, however some sisters prefer to have a drawstring for easy adjustment of the waist.


Niqab ties:

You can choose to add so called “niqab ties” to your jilbab. This will enable you to wear your jilbab so that the fabric you usually wear under the chin can be lifted up to cover the face.


Ummi zipper:

When a baby needs extra closeness to their mum many of us sisters choose to wear a sling or a baby carrier. The “ummi zipper”, a horizontal zipper over the chest or back, makes it possible to wear the sling or carrier underneath the jilbab so we don’t have to compromise on the conditions of the hijaab.