Diamond khimar “Muslimah” DIP BACK

A beautiful khimar with the possibility to wear it as a face-veil as well. Made in a diamond cut it provides great coverage both front and back yet isn’t in the way for the hands and arms.

This style is a mix of the size small Salma khimar in the front and just slightly longer sides.  It gives you the choice of any length in the back. Also known for many as “Valis Special” or “@Muslimah.sthlm measurements”.

Length front: 70 cm / 27.5 inches

Head to sholder-seam length: 50 cm / 19.5 inches

Length back: Your choice


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Both the lightweight and mediumweight fabrics are made out of a beautiful matte, flowy high quality polyester based fabric.  The mediumweight fabric is a thicker and heavier than our original lightweight fabric.

Nidha is a delicate luxury polyester based fabric, we carry 3 different nidha fabrics;

Nidha Emirati – our first, supersoft flown and light fabric with a slight shine to it without it being shiny or flashy.

Nidha Qatari – our slightly thicker and stiffer nidha fabric, which also have a slight shine to it.

Nidha Medina – our ultra soft light nidha with a little stretch, sits super nice around the head. This nidha isn’t as shiny as the others but not as matte as our lightweight and mediumweight.


See-throughness and opaqueness:

Please have in mind that some of the lighter colors in the lightweight fabric might be see-through. White lightweight however will always be needed to wear something underneath.

The medium weight fabric is in all colors except ivory and pearly pink fully opaque.

Weight0.35 kg